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Go From ‘Meh to Yeah!’ Within One Hour – 05/23/15

Full title: How to go from sweaty hair and half worn-off makeup to Victoria’s Secret Angel-status within one hour. Well maybe not Angel, but it’s all about how you think of oneself, right?


Attractive woman running next to several Victoria’s Secret Angels.


It can’t just be me. Have you ever had one of those days where it’s just one thing to do after the other, with zero breaks until you finally get to go to sleep? Last Wednesday, I was scheduled for an 8 MILE “jog” (I’m not a fast runner), and had to get ready to go out for dinner with my father about an hour after I got back home. I take my running seriously, and I couldn’t have gone any other time of the day to exercise, and another struggle with exercising and doing things is that there’s rarely enough time to eat:( I have a feeling that we’ve all been here before, so here are my tips on getting yourself ready to go out again within an hour after exercising!


Is it better to eat and then get dressed, or get dressed and then eat?


1) Get your priorities together; Chances are, you don’t have much (or any!) time to waste. You’ll probably need to take a shower and put on fresh clothes. If your makeup still looks alright, your face can be salvaged with a fresh coat of mascara and powder. If your hair is sweaty and you don’t have time to wash it or it would be inappropriate to have wet hair where you’re going, spray in some dry shampoo to make your hair less sweaty and more clean (even if it isn’t!).


Is it? Is it really?


2) After working out, you’re going to be hungry and eventually hangry. Nobody likes a hangry person. Don’t be that hangry person. In my case, eating at home always takes longer than imagined because you have to make something, eat it, and clean up afterwards. To avoid this inconvenience and save time, pack a granola bar or something into your bag to tide your stomach over until you can eat a proper meal.


Don’t clean, eat!


3) Don’t do anything within this hour that you can’t do later when you have more time. No matter how much of a clean freak you are, whoever you’re meeting later will never know if you have dishes in the sink or whether or not you haven’t vacuumed in a few days.  This hour has to be devoted to getting yourself ready and presentable and going from gross (sorry, but if you still look cute after working out, you probably didn’t try hard enough), to fabulous. You can clean your room later.

These tips always work for me, and I hope they’ll work for you as well!

Have a delightful Saturday:)



What I Wore Today! – 05/22/15

Yesterday it was 80 degrees. Today, it was 50. If that doesn’t scream how bipolar Seattle’s weather is, I don’t know what does. Yesterday, I wore a pair of burgundy, flowly-material short shorts and a white tank top, and today, you’d think it was fall again; today I wore basic black jeans, a taupey/beige sweater, faux-Chanel (because I’m broke) handbag, brown leather sandals, and silver feather earrings.


Jeans: Pacsun Bullhead Denim Co. Low Rise Starry Skinny Jeans, $45

Sweater: Forever 21 Open-Knit Boxy Sweater, $14

Handbag: Forever 21 Quilted Faux Leather Convertible Bag, $23

Sandals: Steve Madden Donddi Leather Ankle Strap Sandals, $60

Earrings: Pacsun With Love from CA Hamsa Feather Earring Set, $11

In America, this weekend is Memorial day weekend so I have no school this Friday or Monday. Please don’t ask me what we’re memorializing, for I do not now (I swear I’m American). So, this morning, I took the placement test to get into my local community college, bought a bus pass for easy access to the college as I do not have a car of my own yet (I am licensed though), and went to Panera Bread for lunch with my mother. It was very nice to have a break day from half-marathon training, which is much harder and more strenuous than I expected, which makes me sound stupid. Great.

How was your friday?  Do you know what Memorial day weekend celebrates?

Have a real nice day!


Things That I Want to See & Do in Seattle – 05/20/2015

It’s crazy to think that I’ve lived in the Greater Seattle Area my entire life, but haven’t done any of these things yet. Maybe my parents took me when I was “unconscious” (early, early years of your life in which you have very few memories of), but either way, I’ve recently discovered that Seattle is a much larger city than the bits of the Space Needle, Waterfront, and the University of Washington that I’ve seen. With that said, after looking through Instagram and my friends’ Facebook pages, here is my current list of things that I want to see and do, one day in Seattle, WA. These are in no particular order, food is not particularly my number #1 priority haha:)

1) Eat at a Dick’s Drive-In restaurant.


Dick’s Drive-In restaurant in Seattle, WA


I don’t care how many Chick-fil-A’s come into this area, my number one choice of fast food that I haven’t eaten at yet has to be Dick’s. My brother talks about how good (and cheap!) the food is, and although there are three separate locations within a 20- mile radius of my apartment, I have yet to eat there. Personally, I hope that Dick’s is short for ‘Richard’s’, or else the name just bothers me. Then again, I am a teenager with a juvenile mind! Anyway, Dick’s is not really a restaurant, it’s more of a “nutritional establishment”; basically, there’s no interior to eat within, you walk up to a window, order your food, and be on your way. They sell burgers, cheeseburgers, fries, and shakes, cheaper than McDonald’s!

2) Go for a run on the Elliot Bay Trail.


View from the Elliot Bay Trail in Seattle, WA

To burn off those fattening (yet hopefully delicious!) calories, although I would have to wait a bit before trying any exercise after eating a few burgers without chunking it into the sea, one of the places that I really want to go for a long run is on the Elliot Bay Trail. This trail begins in North Seattle and follows the coastline of Elliot Bay to  a place which I’m not sure of, but I’m sure that it ends somewhere in Seattle. Sorry for not being resourceful or helpful at all, considering that I am on the internet right now, but this is a blog run on personality rather than factual evidence. Basically, any trail that runs alongside a body of water in which you can see the other side gets my little heart beating, and I’m so psyched for the day when I live in Seattle and can go for a run on that trail anytime I want.

3) Drive past the on-location mansion in Queen Anne which was used for the exterior of Meredith Grey’s house in the early seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.


Meredith Grey’s mansion on Queen Anne (this isn’t me)


There are few words that I can accurately use to describe how much I love the first several seasons of Grey’s Anatomy in which Meredith Grey, Izzy Stephens, George O’Malley, and eventual other interns live together in a mansion on Queen Anne. After Meredith and Derek moved into the “dream house”, I think that the show kind of declined and got stuck on an issue for too long, and the season finales began to get less cliff-hangish. Back on topic, I have a feeling that the owner who lives in Meredith’s house wouldn’t appreciate any “visitors”, so driving by or walking through the neighborhood would probably be the best option.

If anyone’s interested, here’s the address to the mansion:

303 Comstock Street, Seattle, WA, because 613 Harper Lane doesn’t exist:(

4) Have a picnic at Myrtle Edwards Beach/Park.


View of the Olympic Sculpture Park and Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle, WA


So I have this feeling that my parents took me to this beach when I was younger because that’s the kind of thing that my parents would do to keep my brother and I occupied when we were both much younger. Regardless if I’ve been taken here in my unconscious, fetal years or not, the bottom line is – I want to go to the Myrtle Edwards Beach/Park, just a ways north of Alaskan Way and the iconic Seattle waterfront with the pretty Ferris wheel and expensive restaurants. One of my favorite parts of going to a beach (in particular, Mukilteo), is having a picnic with sandwiches and salads with my family or friends (or both!), and taking panoramic pictures of the ocean and unsuspecting pictures of dogs that I find cute. Oceans are cool, even if you can see the other side.

5) Watch airplanes come in-and-out at SeaTac International Airport

This one stems from a memory that I have with my father when we waited at a parking lot a little bit outside of SeaTac, watching airplanes come in and out to faraway places, while waiting for a family member to fly in from Europe. I have this fascination with random people in places like airports, train stations, and sometimes IKEA, wondering where they came from, where they’re going, and whether they are happy or not. Please tell me I’m not crazy. I just want to spend a nice hour or two, sitting on the hood of my car on a summer afternoon/evening, watching the occasional airline fly into and depart from the place that I’ve spent much of my childhood life in.

Maybe I’ve given you ideas for a lazy afternoon if you already live in the City, or for a spare day if you’re traveling from out-of-town and don’t know what to do with the free time!

Either way, I hope you all have a nothing-but-lovely day!