Memorial Day Weekend Sales 2015

Forever 21 Spring Clothing Haul! (Athletic Wear + Other Stuff) – 05/24/15

Call me basic, but I actually kinda love Forever 21. Actually, it’s more of a love-hate relationship. The shop’s great because you can walk in through their doors and find something cute and it’s quick and simple to find exactly what you want, especially basic clothing items, via the search bar at the top of their website. The downside is that their quality isn’t exactly amazing, which isn’t really much of a surprise considering how inexpensive the majority of their items are. And what is Forever 21’s deal, carrying uber-expensive brands? No, I’m not paying for a $90 bikini when there are $4 separates right there.

I suck at in-store shopping. It’s probably some sort of anxiety disorder because I get so overwhelmed walking into massive stores such as Forever 21 and H&M, where my wallet could cover practically any item sold, but they just have so much stuff that I can’t process anything. Therefore, I’ll often walk out empty-handed. Also, does anyone else get a tinge of suspense when you pay via credit/debit card? “What if it’s denied?” Basically, I’m horrible at “mission shopping” (going into a store with a mission to get what you want), and prefer to work behind the keyboard and get my retail fix online.

I’m supposed to be saving up for a new MacBook, but here’s what I’ve recently ordered from Forever 21!

And what the heck. It’s Memorial Day weekend!

Athletic Wear


Sports Bra: High Impact Mesh-Back Sports Bra in Charcoal ($13)

– I’ve recently discovered that you shouldn’t have to wear your normal bra underneath a sports bra, which I’ve been doing for the last several years because my sports bra is literally a piece of stretchy fabric with no support whatsoever. Thanks, H&M.

Shorts: Woven Running Shorts in Mint ($16)

– As some of you may know, I’m participating in a half-marathon this June. TMI alert: my pair of LuluLemon running shorts makes my legs chafe, even though I don’t carry fat in my legs. I’m praying that the layer of spandex in these shorts will keep my inner thighs from destroying themselves while running the 13.1 miles.

Tank Top: Lightweight Racerback Tank in Black ($13)

– It gets warm while running during the summer, and short sleeve tees are unacceptable during these times. Therefore, I bought this tank top. I think that it will work well with the previously mentioned sports bra, shorts, and my black running shoes, come (half) marathon day!

Other Stuff


Dress: Cutout Crochet-Paneled Dress in Sage ($23)

– After half-marathon morning, I’m going out for lunch with my family at the Space Needle, and I’m planning on wearing this dress. It also came in white, but that looked too bridal for me. I’m planning on wearing a long, black finely-knit cardigan that I have from H&M with this dress.

Headband: Triangle Metal Headband in Gold ($5)

– It’s like edgy kitten-ears. That’s all I have to say about this, and it was cheap. So, why not?!

Shoes: Faux Leather Crisscross-Strap Sandals in Black ($13)

– Believe it or not, I do not own a single pair of black sandals. I have white sandals, brown/camel sandals, and gold sandals, but not black sandals. These will pair well with the dress and headband, as well as for an everyday, summer style.


What do you think? See anything you like? Tell me in the comments!

Have a lovely Sunday,