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Lush Brazilliant Shampoo Bar Review

Who knew that haircare could be so complicated? There’s oily hair, dry hair, and what really is “normal” hair? Clearly I didn’t go to beauty school. When I was younger, my tresses were constantly dry because my mother made my brother and I take swimming classes during the summer, you know, in case we went into the ocean or something. It’s still quite thick, dry and curly¬†because I like to straighten or curl my hair on occasion, and I haven’t been able to find a conditioner that truly makes my hair feel healthy and not like a matted chinchilla.


Attractive Lush-Man peeling oranges.

Lush Cosmetics gets really good reviews on their solid shampoo bars, and I haven’t tried a single one out yet. They recently put up a shop in my local mall, and so I bought the ‘Brazilliant‘ shampoo bar because it is orangey-yellow in color, smells nice like citrus, and also because it claims to ‘liven up my hair’, which sounded promising. The next day, I went for an eight mile run in 80 degree heat, and needless to say, my hair was sweaty. Very sweaty. These bars claim to be worth about 80 washes, or the equivalent of three bottles of liquid shampoo, and take no packaging except for a small metal tin to keep the product from dissolving away in the shower.


Oranges getting pulverized.

The lovely-smelling lady in the Lush shop told me that I could either rub the bar on my wet hair and then lather from there on with my hands, or that I could rub the bar onto my wet hands and then lather into wet hair. I went for the second choice because I didn’t want to get strands of long, dark brown hair getting stuck in the brand-new bar. Sounds weird, but the lather was aca-mazing! After rinsing out and conditioning, the strong yet subtle citrusy-scent was still lingering around, even after air-drying and curling. My hair felt very clean, but still soft and moisturized after conditioning, of course. In case anyone’s wondering, I use the ‘Tresemme moisture-rich conditioner’.


A wide collection of Brazilliant Shampoo Bars.

The Facts:

Price: $9.95/ 1.9 oz.

What it’s meant for: thick, curly, or dry hair.

Scent: Orangey/ Citrusy

Have you tried out one of Lush’s solid shampoo bars? Let me know in the comments!

Have a nothing-but-lovely day!

– Sarah