Jack & Joelle – Chapter 8

Rays of sunlight danced and sprinted across the crests of Elliot Bay’s waves, as light poured in through the apartment’s massive, master-bedroom skylight. To the east, Seattle concaved around the Bay which rounded to the tip of Alki neighborhood. The long-awaited summer season had made the bed too hot to sleep in, regardless of how many windows they would spread open before climbing under the covers together. Now, Igor was digging himself a nest and building a fort out of the blankets that were kicked off of the mattress during the night. An intoxicating aroma of sea-salt from the ocean and fresh gardenia deriving from the rooftop garden flooded into their senses, lulling her mind back to rest.

He awoke an hour later in the same bed with no head to hold or hand to kiss. His head was still fuzzed-over after slumbering in a now-sold apartment in San Francisco, California, the familiarity of waking alone remaining. Sizzling eggs scrambling and the scent of bacon confused Jack for a second as he had been living alone for a while now, yet he was still in bed. His return to Seattle the previous night prompted a 14-hour nap in Joelle’s bed, and had finally awoken to a decadent breakfast with his one, true love. They had the rest of the day, the weekend, their lives to do whatever they felt like doing.

Joelle cleared the used dishes into the small kitchen after they were done eating. The small, decorative table she had found at the local, Sunday market on the deck had fitted snugly into the corner, allotting the ideal amount of space for two people to sit at the same time while a cat sleeps atop the railing. Jack freshened himself up and went into their bedroom to grab a small box from his nightstand drawer. A few minutes later, they were off and out the door.

Volleyball players were grunting and playing their game while Jack and Joelle were laying out their towels atop the endlessly-deep sands of Alki Beach. The definition of the waves blurred into a blue mass when Jack pretended to drop his eye contacts. They flipped their towels, dug through the sand, and peered into shells until she finally found what he was hiding. A small, silver, sparkly piece of metal shimmered in the light and fell into her hands. When she turned around to face Jack, he was down on one knee, asking her to marry him. He had planted the ring on the beach while Joelle wasn’t looking. She couldn’t possibly have been happier. The decades of love that she could foreseer with Jack were never-ending and took up her future time with ideas on how they would spend each and every day together until they were gone for eternity.




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