Jack & Joelle – Chapter 6

From the alcove of his apartment, she could see the red SUV make its way though the freshly fallen snow. With Igor dangling over her forearm, Joelle walked out onto the landing of the building as Jack climbed up the stairs to give her kisses and hugs. Igor of course too. The cool touch of his neck against her body sent shivers down her torso, the hot chocolate she had been drinking had kept her neck surprisingly warm. When she smiled you could see all of her white, luminous teeth, his smile starting small but creeping quickly into an overjoyed, wide grin. He was home. Joelle disregarded the fact that he would be gone in a few weeks.

Jack had returned to Seattle after several months of studying in San Francisco, he had returned to Joelle. He had missed her and looked as though he hadn’t seen another human for years when he first saw her soft, blonde curls cascading over her sweatered shoulders. Her sweet lips and gentle curves brought him back to the place that he loved. The memories they had shared in the years before his move to California inclined him to spend as much time as possible with Joelle before he had to depart Seattle and motor back down south.

Those three weeks were spent with cuddles with Joelle and Igor, prances in the local, snow-covered park, and walking on the wintered beach. The time was magical because their time was limited. Nothing as great can last forever because then it would lose what had made it special in the first place. While Jack was away, Joelle had felt herself falling into a deep depression. She realized for the first time that she was so close to Jack that she couldn’t stand them being apart. She felt a dependency on Jack, and he felt one on her.

It wasn’t as though he were a dominant male and she the inferior female, both characters were equally strong and soft in their relationship. They danced the same steps in different costumes. In 20 days Jack was in San Francisco again, and Joelle was gone from herself.


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