Jack & Joelle – Chapter 2

Jack travelled 28 weeks of the calendar year. Joelle couldn’t keep a job. Joelle didn’t need a job, she didn’t need the income. “To waste her time away”, as Jack would say, Joelle, or ‘Jo’ for short, spent her hours without Jack working as an unpaid student-teacher at the local high school. Jack made eight figures a year selling his watches world-wide after 12 years of focused education and hardened skill. He covered her every cost, whether it be the grocery bill, the newest collection of Chanel lipsticks, or a getaway to the palm-fronds of Dubai.

Jack was from the southern end of the island where trailer parks out-ruled mansions; Joelle grew up in a high-rise apartment a stride away from the hustle & bustle of Pike Place Market. His family grew up on welfare and food stamps, parents divorcing when he was four. Jack knew how to fight for what he needed, to fend for himself. Fashion was overlooked in his family as something that was prissy and unnecessary. Joelle’s father’s pharmaceutical company made its first million after discovering an experimental drug to cure cancer. Any of her needs were fulfilled within an instant by her father’s money without question.

By the time Jack turned 15, he had secretly saved enough money to move out from the park and into South Seattle. There was nothing more important to him than his education because no one in his family had ever graduated from high school. He wanted to do something for himself. He wanted to make something of himself. After seven years of working the local farm, there were enough funds in his BOA account to support a year of studying at the Chandler Academy in the city.

There was a girl like Joelle at nearly every high school imaginable; always smiling, untouchable beauty, as though there were a family of birds singing around her person at all times. It was impossible to not be awed when you were within her presence. The boys and girls all had eyes for her, yet the only person she had eyes for were her boyfriend, Leon. It is unknown what happened to Leon, all we know is that he is no longer relevant to their story.

Jack had one school-embossed uniform for the entire year, Joelle had five sets. As with every other male in her class, she was the only girl that was worthy of having a crush on. He didn’t believe that he would even have a chance to touch Jo’s hand. Little did he know, things had turned between Joelle and Leon. She didn’t feel loved, lonely.  Leon couldn’t keep up with the jealously of his friends. Jack caught Joelle’s eye across the corridor and he couldn’t have been more ready to endlessly, helplessly, fall into her gentle graces.


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